Spongebob Boo or Boom

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What is Spongebob Boo or Boom?

Spongebob Boo or Boom

It’s Halloween in Bikini Bottom, and everyone is happy, except for Planktoon, because no one is showing up to his Halloween party. He was so pissed that he blocked the streets so that no one else can go trick-or-treating or have any fun.

You, together with Spongebob and his friends have to save the day from this, while also getting as much candy as possible at the same time! Do that by setting plumpers all over the neighborhood in order to get rid of the Plank-O-Lanterns that are blocking the roads.

Doing so makes the tiles in the color of your character, and know that you should try to get as many candy points as you can to the end of a level, in order to win it. If you turn all the tiles around a house in your color, you are going to get even more points than usual.

Move using the arrows, and set the plumpsters with the spacebar. Finish before the time runs out on you, and don’t get caught in blasts, or you lose points or even power-ups. Collect and use power-ups, such as speed, more blast area for your attacks, switching places, or stock up on ammo.

It’s time to join Spongebob’s gang and try your best in saving Halloween, so that you can then go trick-and-treating, having a memorable time, as you always do on this holiday!

How to play?

Use the MOUSE.

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