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What are Bomberman Games?

Step right up in our world of Bomberman Games online, otherwise known as Bomb It Games, because we are inviting you into one of the biggest video game franchises to have come out of Japan, one that is now owned by Konami, and has been around since 1983, with the original title of Bakudan Otoko, and the series has also been known as Dyna Blaster in Europe. Over the years, there have been many other editions released, such as:

  • Bomber King
  • Bomberman II
  • Mega Bomberman
  • Bomberman 64
  • Bomberman Quest
  • Bomberman Land
  • Bomberman Kart
  • Bomberman Jetters
  • Bomberman: Act Zero
  • Bomberman Live
  • Bomberman Blitz
  • Super Bomberman R Online
Bomberman: story & characters!

While the plot is not the main attraction in this video game series, it does have one, as it follows Bomberman working day and night at his bomb factory underground, from which he aims to escape by planting bombs to tear down the walls in his path, and to destroy the enemies trying to stop him too, all in order to reach the higher plane of outside, where he, a robot, can become human.

He is known as the White Bomberman, having a rival in Black Bomberman, usually used as the character in the 2-Player modes. Max is one of his most competitive friends, Dr. Ein is an eccentric scientist who helps him out, Charabon are small creatures that give the title character abilities, and Louie are animals that the main character can ride on.

Of course, the series also has baddies, in the form of Professor Bagura, the main villain in the overarching story, or The Bad Bombers, five bosses with distinctive personalities, looks, and abilities who try to stop our protagonist in recurring ways.

How to play Bomberman Games online for free:

If playing alone, help the character move through the mazes and plant bombs not only to tear down walls to help him advance, but mainly to defeat all the enemies in the mazes, trapping them in spots where bombs will then explode in order to take them out, and once you've cleared the field of all of them, you can advance to a new level with a bit more difficulty, but more fun as well. If you're playing with a second player, either on the same machine or in a multiplayer format, your goal is to bomb the other player in order to be the last one standing and win.

That's the gist of the series, the gameplay, and various tidbits we are sure you enjoyed a lot, so now that you are even more immersed in this world than before, start enjoying it and see why we keep things fresh in this category with new content as often as we do for yourself!