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What are Bomberman Games?

Step right up in our world of Bomberman Games online, otherwise known as Bomb It Games, because we are inviting you into one of the biggest video game franchises to have come out of Japan, one that is now owned by Konami and has been around since 1983, with the original title of Bakudan Otoko, and the series has also been known as Dyna Blaster in Europe.

Bomberman: story & characters!

While the plot is not the main attraction in this video game series, it does have one. It follows Bomberman working day and night at his bomb factory underground. From there, he aims to escape by planting bombs to tear down the walls in his path and destroy the enemies trying to stop him, all in order to reach the higher plane outside, where he, a robot, can become human.

He is known as the White Bomberman, having a rival in the Black Bomberman. He is usually used as the character in the 2-player modes. Max is one of his most competitive friends. Dr. Ein is an eccentric scientist who helps him out. Charabons are tiny creatures that give the title character abilities, and Louie is an animal that the main character can ride on.

Of course, the series also has baddies, such as Professor Bagura, the main villain in the overarching story, or The Bad Bombers, five bosses with distinctive personalities, looks, and abilities who try to stop our protagonist in recurring ways.

How to play Bomberman Games online for free:

If playing alone, help the character move through the mazes and plant bombs not only to tear down walls to help him advance but mainly to defeat all the enemies in the mazes, trapping them in spots where bombs will then explode to take them out, and once you've cleared the field of all of them, you can advance to a new level with a bit more difficulty, but more fun as well. If you're playing with a second player on the same machine or in a multiplayer format, your goal is to bomb the other player to be the last one standing and win.

That's the gist of the series, the gameplay, and various tidbits we are sure you enjoyed a lot. Now that you are even more immersed in this world, start enjoying it and see why we keep things fresh in this category with new content as often as we do for ourselves!

Bomberman is a classic multiplayer game that combines strategy and quick thinking. Winning at Bomberman requires a mix of offensive and defensive tactics. Here are some techniques and tips to help you improve your chances of winning:

  1. Control the Center:

    • In many Bomberman maps, controlling the center is crucial. It gives you more maneuvering options and makes it harder for opponents to escape your bombs.
  2. Start with a Defensive Approach:

    • At the beginning of the match, focus on gathering power-ups to enhance your bombs and increase your blast radius. Avoid rushing into the center immediately.
  3. Expand Your Blast Radius:

    • Prioritize power-ups that increase your bomb blast radius. A larger blast radius allows you to cover more ground and increases your chances of trapping opponents.
  4. Be Strategic with Bomb Placement:

    • Think about where you place your bombs. Try to trap opponents in corners or against obstacles, making it difficult for them to escape. Consider the blast radius of your bombs and use it to your advantage.
  5. Mind the Kick Power-up:

    • The ability to kick bombs is a decisive advantage. Kicking can be used defensively to send bombs away from you or offensively to trap opponents. Depending on the situation, use it strategically.
  6. Trap and Predict Opponent Movements:

    • Anticipate where your opponents are likely to move and place bombs accordingly. Force them into areas where they have limited escape routes.
  7. Destroy Soft Blocks:

    • Destroy soft blocks strategically to create open spaces and limit your opponents' movement options. Be cautious not to trap yourself in the process.
  8. Use Power-ups Wisely:

    • Power-ups provide various advantages, such as increased speed, remote bombs, and piercing bombs. Use these power-ups strategically based on your play style and the current game situation.
  9. Be Mindful of Remote Bombs:

    • If you acquire the ability to detonate your bombs remotely, use it wisely. Remote bombs can catch opponents off guard, but be cautious not to accidentally trap yourself.
  10. Watch Out for Traps:

    • Be aware of the map's layout and any potential traps or dead ends. Avoid getting cornered, and be mindful of your opponents' bombs' blast radius.
  11. Take Advantage of Temporary Power-ups:

    • Some maps have temporary power-ups that appear during the match. Grab these when they occur, as they can provide a significant advantage.
  12. Stay Mobile:

    • Constantly move around the map to avoid becoming an easy target. Being unpredictable in your movements makes it harder for opponents to trap you.
  13. Mind the Timer:

    • Some Bomberman games have a timer, and the stage starts to shrink when it runs out. Be mindful of the time remaining and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  14. Practice Regularly:

    • Like any skill-based game, practice improves performance. Regularly playing Bomberman will enhance your reflexes and strategic thinking.

Remember that Bomberman is also about adapting to the game's dynamic nature. Stay alert, adjust your strategy as needed, and have fun!

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