Roblox Space Farm

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What is Roblox Space Farm?

Roblox Space Farm

Step into the Roblox Space Farm right now, because this is an action-adventure game with Bomb It games elements, as well as other platform-adventure games or puzzle ones, all in one, resulting in an experience unlike you've ever had in this category before, so missing out on it should be out of the question!

Have fun at the Roblox Space Farm!

Use the arrows to move through each course, having to reach your spaceship, which is your base, in order to finish them. Along the way you might meet various enemies, so use the spacebar to attack them and get some extra points. Losing all three lives means losing the game, and know that you are timed, so try finishing each stage fast.

As you also avoid traps and obstacles, pits too, collect fruits to get points in return, and always beat the previous high score you have made. It is all that straightforward and fun, so we hope to see you begin right now, have fun as only here is possible, and then we hope to see you enjoy even more of our great games of the day!

How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar.

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