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Bomb It 8

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Bomb It 8
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Bomb It 8 Overview


Bomb It 8 is not only the latest addition to the wonderful series of Bomberman games we already have here in full, but it also represents the best that the series has ever looked, with the graphics, gameplay, and everything is current and awesome, in 3d too, and you can experience the game both on computers or mobile devices!

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Use the arrows to move around the mazes, and press the spacebar when you want to drop a bomb, which will explode after a few seconds, but know that you need to get out of its range because if you get killed by your own bomb, or other's, you lose.

The goal is to go around the maze and trap the other characters with your bombs to explode them until you are the last one standing, and make sure to also grab new weapons and power-ups if you find them.

You get to win new skins, you get to unlock new mazes and locations to play in, and tons of fresh fun is to be had in this game, always guaranteed, and we hope to see you try this or any other games from this series right now!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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