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Bomber Friends

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Bomber Friends
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Bomber Friends Overview


Bomber Friends is a brand new take on Bomberman games online that you can now play free of charge on our website, it a game that is also readily available on mobile devices if you wish to play it like that, and it is only single-player the moment, but we're sure that you will still love it just as much as the 2p versions!

Let's become Bomber Friends online!

Use the arrow keys to move your character around, press A to place bombs and use them to blow up bricks and make a path for yourself in the maze. Make sure not to get caught in the explosions, yours or the enemy's, because if you lose all your health, you also lose the game.

As you blow up bricks, some of them reveal various power-ups which are then granted to you, so make sure to take great advantage of them. You win by finding the avatar of the computer and blowing them up until their health is gone, so try to trap them, which means you should watch their movement patterns to find the best trap.

Use the handheld on-screen touch controls if on a phone or tablet. Start right now, have tons of fun as only here is possible, and share the game with your many friends as well!

How to play?

Use the arrows and the A key.



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