Super Bomberman 4

Super Bomberman 4

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Super Bomberman 4
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Super Bomberman 4 Overview


Super Bomberman 4 is here, so if you've already played Super Bomberman 3 here, you're ready for the sequel! In general, you cannot miss the Bomberman games online, especially those that are classics, original ones now adapted for PC and browser gamers. In case you're a newcomer to the series, let us put you up to speed!

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In the normal mode, you get transported back in time, to the era of dinosaurs. Use bombs to defeat them. Move through the stone mazes using the arrow keys. When you want to place a bomb, press Z. Place bombs, and use them to explode the stones and rocks, to make yourselves paths to advance.

Of course, use them to blow up the dinosaurs. Put them in a spot so that dinosaurs cannot avoid the blast of the bomb, and they get taken out. They leave behind an egg for you to collect. After you grab the first one, it hatches into a dinosaur. Now you can ride that dinosaur! It gives you an advantage!

Bomb all the dinosaurs, and collect all their eggs to finish the level. You need to do it before you run out of time in each level. In the next one, you've got a more difficult maze in its layout, and more dinosaurs to go up against!

Try Bomberman 4 in 2 players!

If you are playing with two players, compete to see who gets more eggs. That's the premise for the normal mode. If you choose the battle mode, your goal is to bomb the other player and take them down. The dinosaurs are an extra thought in this mode.

We wish you the best in either mode, and we hope you catch more of our bomb it games online, we've got plenty more!

How to play?

Use the arrows, Z key.

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