Super Bomberman 5

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What is Super Bomberman 5?

Super Bomberman 5

Super Bomberman 5 is a Bomberman game online that has now finally been adapted and made ready to once again be enjoyed on browsers, even if it had seem to disappear, as our team is always ready and willing to take it back to old school and offer you the classics you are missing, and this one we recommend to even those who don't regularly play Bomberman Games online in 2 players!

Play Super Bomberman 5 online unblocked and free!

Use the arrow keys for moving, and Z to drop bombs. You can choose the mode you are playing in from the main menu, and, in either case, players enter mazes filled with blockages and traps, maybe even enemies, in addition to your main rivals, the other Bomberman playing, either real or the computer.

Drop bombs in such a way that you make the other ones explode, and, when they do, you win, but know that the enemies will also try to do the same to you since they also want to win. Make sure to stay away from their bombs, or your own, so you don't get caught in your own explosions.

Start off right now, having fun as only here is possible, and stick around for more to come here today, since we've just begun, and more great content is right around the corner, we promise!

How to play?

Use the arrows, Z keys, enter.

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