Five Nights at Spongebob

12.12.2020 9686 437 votes

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What is Five Nights at Spongebob?

There are a lot of funny and interesting Five Nights at Freddy's games right here on our website, and today dear kids, you can see that Spongebob and Patrick have returned and brought for you their first scary game.

You will have to be very careful and concentrated through this new challenge, because you will see that the game is goin to start at 1 am in the morning, and the Nickelodeon characters are going to need your help to get done with this new scary challenge.

Once you press the start button, you can see that Spongebob is in a spooky house, where is very dark because there are not functionning lights, and using the MOUSE, you have to help Spongebob, Squid or Patrick to get to the end of the house, and survive.

You will have to be very careful through the entire game, because dear kids you will see that in the shortest time, you can help the Nickelodeon characters enter each and every one of the scary and dark rooms of the house, and for you to have an advantage, you can see that we have prepared security cameras from each room that you can access.

With the mouse, you and Spongebob will have to click on the security cameras, and go to the spooky rooms, and once you get started, you have to continue to game in order to click on the objects and the clues in each room so that you unlock new cameras and new rooms that you can go into and finish this new scary challenge. Have fun!



Five Nights at Spongebob


Use the MOUSE to play.



kingofdoomlands in 26.03.2021 12:16

the power ran out but i was still able to close the doors so i closed both doors and use cams

[email protected] in 16.03.2021 23:03

this game is a littel weird im sorry but i hste it

kiki in 04.03.2021 17:11

i hate it it keeps getting stuck

cassidy fnaf in 19.02.2021 23:46

i ;love fnaf it cool

Elena in 15.02.2021 17:24


PinkyBinky Geek165 in 14.02.2021 21:07

close the doors, its the only way to beat a night

good fox in 11.02.2021 18:04

This game is scary but i like it.

good fox in 11.02.2021 18:00

Its good but fnaf is gooder

hafsa in 06.02.2021 08:54

I have a 6 am en I win this game

Msuoy in 04.02.2021 20:40

cool game

Gracie in 03.02.2021 04:06

Iโ€™m new In this game sooooo itโ€™s 2021 I live in Indonesia

Gracie in 03.02.2021 04:06

Good Game More than Fnaf

freddy is the best in 28.01.2021 01:28

okay i have to say mr krab didnt move and i saw a red thing and it was cute.

devon! in 28.01.2021 00:59

why is this not on scatrh? or whatever

sgfghgzxfghjkhgf in 27.01.2021 19:16

i hate

mrbigspit in 27.01.2021 09:15


Lolbit in 21.01.2021 17:37

Looks Interesing- Lol

Weirdo234 in 17.01.2021 13:49

um..Uh- I-

man in 16.01.2021 14:44

so sonbob in fredy

Sillyoroe in 27.12.2020 19:01

It was very odd because i left door open infront of mr.krabs and he didnt jump scare me, and timer ak hour wont move

I am a gamer in 20.12.2020 23:41

This game was... interesting

me in 20.12.2020 23:38


sonny in 16.12.2020 09:27


foxy 437 in 13.12.2020 00:53

i love it thank you who made this ;]