Torture Chamber

Torture Chamber

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Torture Chamber
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Torture Chamber Overview


Torture Chamber is a brand new avoiding game with friv elements unlike you have seen here in quite a while, and it makes a bit of sense, as the game is older, but now brought back to modern gaming through our collective efforts, as we are quite positive that you can have a really amazing time if you try it out, which is what we want to see you do right away!

Can you survive the online Torture Chamber?

You are the victim, and you will use WASD to move around the chamber, and when one of the levers is shown to you, you need to go by it and press it with the spacebar to make sure that the spiked wall falling from the top pulls back up because if you let it hit you over the head, you lose.

Collect coins and diamonds as they fall, as you can use them to increase your score, and each time you play, try to survive a longer time than the previous try. There are torturers at either end of the room, so avoid them when they attack also because they will hit you too.

Now that you've got it nailed down, pun intended, let the fun begin straight away, and see what other great content we still have in store for you here today and every day!

How to play?

Use WASD and the spacebar.


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