Stickman Boost! 2

Stickman Boost! 2

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Stickman Boost! 2
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Stickman Boost! 2 Overview


You can now find and play Stickman Boost! 2 online for free, a long-awaited sequel to a great adventure game with running, jumping, all of it done with stickmen, which is always a fantastic experience to be had, and to prove that we will now teach you how you can play this game, so you can start giving it your best right now!

Play Stickman Boost 2 online for free!

enlightenedUse the arrow keys for running left and right, jumping and double jumping, but also rolling under obstacles if necessary.

The goal you have in each level of the game, of course, is reaching the flag at the end, as you boost through the courses, where you run and jump or roll past the obstacles, with traps such as spikes, there are pits, there will be roadblocks, and other dangerous items to fear and avoid.

Instead, collect as many coins as you can, and if you can pick up power-ups (boosts), such as flying really high, or jetiskis to ride the waves, take them. Use the bouncers to jump higher, be careful of platforms that fall down after stepping on them, and anything else that is in the courses.

Each new level brings about a bigger map and a harder challenge, but that also means having way more fun, guaranteed. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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