Mini Duels Battle

Mini Duels Battle

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Mini Duels Battle
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Mini Duels Battle Overview


Mini Duels Battle is an arcade game that features multiple mini-games in which you get to take part in duels for two players, with each stage having something different for you to experience, meaning that people who play this game will certainly have something they find interesting, and, even better, the 2 players only need to know of two simple controls, Up and the W key.

Who will in the Mini Duels Battle?

Here are the multiple games you get to experience here:

  • In Drunken Duel, you shoot each other while moving around in a funny and crazy way.
  • Play Knife Storm to shoot knives into the targets.
  • Roshambo is the Rock, Paper, Scissors game of your dreams.
  • Try your hands at Tic Tac Toe.
  • In Stick Duel you fight with stickman characters holding swords and hammers.
  • Grow the balloons without blowing them in Bunny Baloony.
  • Have a go at Drunken Boxing.
  • Grab slices in the Pizza Challenge.
  • Milk the Cow faster than your opponent.
  • Be more skilled at Tug Of Head by pulling the other one in, or try Tug the Table in a similar fashion.
  • Drunken Wrestle is another funny fighting game, and the same goes for Drunken Spin Punch.
  • Tug of War represents a classic skill game, as is BasketBall, where you are shooting hoops.

All these amazing experiences await for you one click away, so make sure to try any of them right now, seeing for yourselves hwo fun games in 2 players online can really be!

How to play?

Use W and the Up arrow.

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