Naruto Mini Battle 2.0

Naruto Mini Battle 2.0

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Naruto Mini Battle 2.0
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Naruto Mini Battle 2.0 Overview


Naruto Flash Battle is another game that we are sure that you can play it really hard and make sure to try all the things over there fast enough to pass everything on. We are sure that you can make it well enogh to start all over again and never back it down. Do not forget that you can help naruto make his final battle going on really good and try to see how do you make it on. Use all the keys that we are going to show you in order to battle all day long so no one will ever see you otherwise. Use the arrows so that you can move on the field and the S, D and W keys so that you are able to perform different sorts of battle tehniques. You are going to play first some practice, at least we recomend it to you because that is how you are going to pass it all really fast. Get over it and go help naruto as much as possible. Create all these interesting things that you want in order to become really good at. Do not forget to give us a like if you have enjoyed our super game.

How to play?

YGHJ: Move
AZE: Attacks
2x left/right: Dash
A+Z: Projection
Back+E: Launch kunai
Down+E: Teleportation

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