Naruto Character Maker

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What is Naruto Character Maker?

Naruto Character Maker

Naruto Character Maker is precisely the kind of game that its title says it is, which is a game where you are given the chance to make your own ninja from the world of ninjas in this manga and anime, one that is popular all across the globe and has been for many years, so making yourself into one such character or making someone original is surely going to be fun!

Try our online Naruto Character Maker!

Here are the buttons and menus and their options that you can use to change the design of your character:

  • fishnets
  • shirts
  • body
  • dresses and kimonos
  • hands and feet
  • wrappings
  • coats and capes
  • and other

Mix and match all these items however much you want to, and we're absolutely sure that you will create a really cool-looking ninja that will also be ready to go down into battle whenever possible!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.