Drunken Boxing

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What is Drunken Boxing?

Drunken Boxing

You are drunk and you need to fight your opponent in boxing! Your goal is to defeat your opponent enough times to win the game. It won't be easy though, you need to time your hits correctly to net get hit by your opponent.

You can play this game against the computer or against another friend. You start in the boxing ring on the opposite side of your opponent. You need to go forward to try and punch him with your arms. Once you've reached close enough you can punch him but be careful as he can punch back too.

Your health bar is at the top and you need to watch out for it. Your goal is to lower your enemy's health bar to 0 to knock him out. You need to win 5 rounds to win the whole match. The player who beats the opponent 5 times first will win the match.

Time for drunken boxing!

How to play?

Use the ARROW keys on desktop and touch on mobile.

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