Drunken Slap Wars

Drunken Slap Wars

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Drunken Slap Wars
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Drunken Slap Wars Overview


It goes without saying, but you need two players to really enjoy a slapping game online, because it's way more fun to do it against a real opponent through a virtual medium than just slapping the avatar controlled by the computer, and this is the kind of awesome experience we invite you to have right at this moment with Drunken Slap Wars!

Can you win the war of slaps? Try it right now!

The two players will control two drunken stickmen avatars, one red, one blue, and they are drunk because they move their hands in crazy and funny ways, which is why it might be difficult to land a slap on the opponent, but that is what you try doing! Use the W key or Up arrow, or touch controls.

Slap the opponent more times than they slap you, so that you deplete their health bar completely, which is when you will achieve victory. Pick between the 1P mode and the 2P mode, and then give this game your very best from the start, and we wish both of you good luck and tons of fun, inviting you to try more content from the category afterward, you won't regret it!

How to play?

Use the Up arrow, W key.

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