Drunken Boxing: Ultimate

Drunken Boxing: Ultimate

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Drunken Boxing: Ultimate
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Drunken Boxing: Ultimate Overview


Drunken Boxing: Ultimate is called like that because there won't be many games that you find out there that could match up to it, as we are talking about not only a game where you can play with two players at the same time, but it is also rendered in 3D, so you've got plenty of reasons to love it!

Take part in the Ultimate Drunken Boxing battle!

The game is called like that because the two stickman-like avatars you control, one red, one blue, move drunkenly and funny, which gives the game its charm. You choose how many rounds you want to go and if you're playing 1P or 2P. Defeat the opponent by depleting their health bar before they deplete yours.

As for the controls, they are simple, and they are like this:

  • Player 1: W for forward, S for backward, A for left punch, D for right punch, G for special.
  • Player 2: Up for forward, Down for backward, Left for left punch, Right for right punch, L for special.

Now you know how to handle yourself, so be prepared to give this game your very best right now, have the best time possible, and stick around for more fun to come, you can't go wrong with our daily content!

How to play?

P1: WASD, G.


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