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Roshambo Overview


Roshambo is a simple and mobile-friendly take on rock-paper-scissors games online, one which we consider one of the best versions that have been around on the internet, so we truly hope that you are willing to give it a chance right now since we know for a fact you will be having a blast with it, just like it had been for us when we tried it, which is what made us share it with you immediately!

Play Roshambo online unblocked in two players!

Here will be your controls:

  • Red Player uses A for rock, S for paper, and D for scissors.
  • Blue Player uses J for scissors, K for paper, and L for rock.

Each of you picks one, without looking at what the other one has selected, and then you try and see who gets the most wins out of you two. Rock beats scissors, scissors beat paper, and paper beats rock. Draws can happen as well.

It's a mind-game beloved all across the world, now available on computers and mobile devices alike, a true classic that should not be missed out on right now by any of you, we promise! Enjoy!

How to play?

P1: A, S, D.

P2: J, K, L.

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