Stickman Parkour Skyland

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What is Stickman Parkour Skyland?

Stickman Parkour Skyland

We now invite you all to the Stickman Parkour Skyland game on our website, a brand new running, jumping, and adventure game featuring stickmen, games that are always really popular and well-received by our audiences, just like we promise you it is going to be the case right now, and you're not going to regret it for anything in the world!

Do Parkour in the Skyland as the most skilled Stickman around!

Use W, A, and D to move and jump with the stick figures, which can come in various colors, and being in a land in the sky, it means you should aim to only step from one platform to another, only on solid terrain, so that you avoid falling into the abyss, which means you will have lost the level.

In further levels, special blocks appear, with different priorities, such as the green ones made out of slime that make you jump higher. Reach the portal at the end of each level to advance to the next one, and even if they get more difficult as you progress, they also get more fun. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the W, A, D keys right now.

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