Stickman Party Parkour

Stickman Party Parkour

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Stickman Party Parkour
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Stickman Party Parkour Overview


Stickman Party Parkour represents one of the best new 2-player parkour games with running and racing, made even better by the fact that the characters that the two players will play are both stickmen, which always seems to make gaming experiences better, and after we give you all the details on what it is to do, we're sure you will give this game your best from the get-go!

Have fun doing Stickman Party Parkour!

Firstly, the two players should know their controls, so that they can navigate this blocky world correctly:

  • Player 1 uses WASD
  • Player 2 uses the ARROW keys

In each level, you have to guide your stick characters to the end of the courses without falling into the pits, and without dying from other kinds of obstacles, traps, and dangers you might encounter along the way. The levels will only feature harder roads as you advance, so make sure to level up your thinking and reaction time skills, so that you can face everything, together!

When you are done with a set of two characters, click left to switch to the other two stickmen, and bring them to the end as well, as there are four in total! This is not a racing game in two, but one where teamwork will bring both of you victory, so hopefully you are already friends and can do that with ease! Enjoy!

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