Dice Push

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What is Dice Push?

Dice Push

Dice Push is going to be a brand new hypercasual game online in 3D different from what you are used to, as it is a shooting game and battle game all at the same time, which has dice in it as a main component, as the title suggests, so we are sure that you will love this unique experience, even more so after we will teach you how to play the game right now and here!

Push the Dice to win!

In the middle of the screen, there is a line that you have to push against the stickmen on the other side and completely take over to win, while they will try the same thing. Both you and the computer have a dice that you can shoot into the field, and you can take two strategies in doing it.

If you throw the dice on your side, it will spawn that number of stickmen to start pushing the wall on your behalf, but if you throw it on their side, those stickmen will then attack the computer's stickmen, making them smaller in numbers, allowing you to push harder.

It's really that simple and fun, as you can see, so feel confident to start the game right now, push and dice through all the levels and win all the battles, and stick around, since we have more great games coming just for you, all day long!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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