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Push The Colors

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Push The Colors
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Push The Colors Overview


A 2-player hypercasual rushing game in 3D is definitely something you should always make the time to play on our website, especially since we only bring about the best of them possible, as is the case right now with Push The Colors, where we've just played it, so allow us to teach you how to do this, and win against a real player or against the computer, either way, lots of fun!

Push The Colors and win the 2-player race!

You can choose to play solo in the 1P mode, or against another player racing on the same track in the 2P mode, in which case Player 1 uses WAD to move and push, while Player 2 will use the ARROW keys to move and push.

With your stickmen, you will push blocks, and you have to push them into other blocks of the same color to collect them and create a really big pile of them while avoiding boxes of other colors because if you lose them all you lose the game.

At the end of the races, you have a monster to push, and the more you push him, the more coins you earn, which should be used in the shop to buy new skins, where you get to customize your character! Start off right now, and stick around, more fun is to come!

How to play?



Tips & Tricks

  • Change colors of the boxes by getting them through gates of a different color.
  • Get the lightning bolts to become faster, as you get slower the more boxes you have to push.
  • Press the W and Up key fast and repeatedly to push the monsters at the end of the runs and get bonus coins!

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