Idle Craft 3D

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What is Idle Craft 3D?

Idle Craft 3D

Idle clicker games are and always going to be a mainstay of the online gaming world, especially for browser games, which is why we are always ready to bring you more games like these on our website, just like we are doing today when you are all invited to have the most fun possible with Idle Craft 3D!

Click, be idle, and craft the biggest house possible!

After the house of the main character in this game had been destroyed by asteroids, you have to build it back again, since, without a house, he will not be able to marry his beloved.

So, as he is digging in the ground, you will earn coins, and with the coins, you earn you will have to update the following stats:

  • Earnings: gives you more coins each time you dig.
  • Speed: allows you to dig faster, earning more in a quicker time.
  • Workers: adds more workers on the field, as there is strength in numbers.

The more you upgrade the levels of these stats, the more coins you earn, and the faster the house will be built, with us being positive that you will be able to create a towering structure that will impress any girl in the village. Start now, and have tons of fun!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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