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What are Pregnant Games?

Pregnant Games is a very important category of games for girls that we are delighted to have now created on our website, where we want all our games and categories to be as inter-connected as possible because when you find high-quality ones, they usually mash-up genres and franchises into one, as you will clearly see from this category also, even if it would not seem that way from the singular title it has.

Find out what the best Pregnant Games online for free on the internet are all about!

One of the aspects that makes this category so beloved is that it takes characters from movies, shows, and other kinds of media, women characters, of course, and puts them in a situation where they are present. We can talk about Elsa or Anna from Frozen, Angela, Ladybug, and, of course, the one and only Barbie, the most popular doll in the world!

These are mostly pregnant doctor games, meaning that you assume the role of a professional physician that has to take care of a pregnant woman before, during, and after their birth. This means giving them the right medicine, doing examinations and check-ups, feeding them healthy diets, and taking care of their mental health.

Of course, many of these are set in a hospital, and most of them are also birth games at the same time, where you use the tools required to bring the baby out in the world safely, after which you wash it up, give it proper care, and then make sure that the parents leave your facility with the best babies ever!

We can't forget about pregnant dress up games for girls either. As you know, when a woman is with a baby, her belly gets really big, and her body changes a lot, which is why they can't really wear the clothes they already have in their wardrobes, and they need special garments, suited for their new body shapes.

Well, that does not mean that they can't still be fashionable, something that the likes of Rihanna definitely proved in real life not too long ago, and the same is true for the characters here, whom you can style to suit their new bodies and have plenty of fun with them, and we're sure they will be grateful.

As you can see, pregnancy games online are way more diverse than you would think at first, so dive deep into this category and see what you like the most out of all these formats, and many more you are going to discover!