Caesarean Birth Games

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What are Caesarean Birth Games?

Well, just like in regular birth games, mommies need to be attended to before, during, and after the operation. In most of them, you start this process by packing up their hospital bag, where you put blankets, baby clothes, slippers, hygiene products, and much more—everything she would need at the hospital.

Before surgeries, there is a lot of preparation that needs to be done, so you can do the regular check-ups where you listen to the heartbeat of both the mother and the baby, swap her clothes to a birth robe, hydrate the mommy or help her with her breathing using oxygen. There can be more things to be done, depending on the game.

You will then receive all the instruments and tools for the operation.

Of course, you then follow all the guidance you receive about how to properly wash the baby, take care of it right after birth, and then hand it over to the mother to meet him or her. If you pay attention to what you are shown, you will do all these things and more with no issues!