Baby Cathy Ep28: Brother Born

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What is Baby Cathy Ep28: Brother Born?

Baby Cathy Ep28: Brother Born

A brother was born for Baby Cathy in the 28th episode of her games series, an adventure that is never-ending with this beloved character, hence why we could not have missed sharing this new entry with you all, as we're sure that you will help the welcoming of this new member of the family to be a perfect one!

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The baby brother needs to be born and brought into this world at the hospital, which is why you have to help the mom with preparing to go to it, so make sure to clean her up properly, and then cook some food for her, so she can have enough energy to make the birth a success.

After the baby boy has come into the world, you will clean him up as well, as they arrive quite dirty, and only after that do you get to dress him up in cute outfits, something that every big sister wishes to do when they have a little brother, don't you think?

Don't worry that you don't know how to do these things, since there are instructions on the screen all the time, and all the tools and items you might require, clothes too, so we are sure you will do an amazing job!


Y8 Studio

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Use the mouse.