Baby Cathy Ep39: Raising Crops

Baby Cathy Ep39: Raising Crops

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Baby Cathy Ep39: Raising Crops
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Baby Cathy Ep39: Raising Crops Overview


Baby Cathy Ep39 is finally here, a game that is here to get us into the spring season since that is when farmers start raising crops, precisely what her farmer grandfather wants to teach the baby here, and since she is still just a child, she will need some help farming online, something you will give to her, and we're here to give you some details on how this works, so you start with your best foot forward!

Start Raising Crops with Baby Cathy in Ep39!

Start off by preparing Cathy for a hard day's work at the farm by dressing her up in farmer garments, so mix and match the tops and bottoms, pick out shoes, a hairstyle, and very importantly you will need a hat, because it gets really heated, and you don't want to get sunburnt.

Next up you will dig up the lots in the ground to plant cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, and eggplant. To do that, take the shovel to each lot by number, so start with 1 and end with 6, which teaches kids how to properly count. Only after that, do you plant the seeds, doing so by tapping at the right moment when the meter is in the green zone to drop them properly.

That's not all, as the seeds need to be fed to grow into proper vegetables, so you will put some special nourishment over the ground, and, of course, pour water over the earth.

Crops are always threatened by birds that come to eat them up, and to prevent that from happening, you will then decorate your scarecrow, which is a man made out of hey meant to scare the birds away, so design it however your imagination tells you.

Only at the end of the game, after the vegetables have grown and they are safe during the full season, you will learn from Grandpa how to harvest them, so that they can either be eaten or sold to people who don't have farmland and need them. It's that fun and simple, and Cathy will love having this experience with you, so begin right away!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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