Justin Bieber Face Skin Care

Justin Bieber Face Skin Care

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Justin Bieber Face Skin Care
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Justin Bieber Face Skin Care Overview


Face Skin Care is important for Justin Bieber because he's a celebrity! Well, it's important for you too! Why not play this new game, and learn Justin Bieber's skincare routine? It might be one for stars, but you might use it in your life, and look just as good! Either way, you will be doing him a favor, and having fun!

Help Justin Bieber with his Face Skin Care!

Begin by using a washing oil on his face, which you then rinse off with water. Use the shower head. Next up, use the tools to get rid of his pimples, but also of extra hair in his eyebrows.

His face has a lot of wrinkles. To get rid of them, do injection shots in the top, middle, and bottom parts of his head. After that, use the towel to rinse them off as well.

He unfortunately also has a cut on his face. Use the stitches, rubbing alcohol, and special creams to close the wound, sanitize it, and heal it. Leave no scars on his face!

Thanks to your help, Justin Bieber's face is now perfect, and you've learned something about your skincare too!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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