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Barbie Pet Vet

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Barbie Pet Vet
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Barbie Pet Vet Overview


Play Barbie Pet Vet online where you can now pretend to be this kind of animal doctor, searching for hurt animals in their natural habitats, and treating them back to full health, as healing the animals of the world is something very important, which Barbie realized, and with this game she is once again going to prove that girls can be anything they dream about, like with this very important job!

Help Barbie be the best Pet Vet!

For starters, choose the kind of vet mission you want to go on:

  1. Help the Baby Pandas from China
  2. Heal Baby Polar Bears from Greenland
  3. Go to India to save the Snow Leopards

You can't treat the animals if they are not there to do so, which is why you begin with a hidden objects stage, where you travel to one of these places after you've picked it, and navigate the mouse around the screen to find the animals which are hiding from you, until you have found all four of them!

Treat the animals in your doctor's office!

Drag each animal over to the tables in the office, where you will do things such as using a thermometer to take their heat, and then repeatedly click on it to get the fever to go down. You might have to put the baby animal in the X-ray machine, where you identify their problem, such as an injury, and then you need to pick the right tool to treat it. There will be bandages, stethoscopes, ice, and others!

After finding out the problem, choosing the right medical tool to heal and solve it, give the animals some treatment for having behaved very well while you were treating them, dragging them from the food, sweets, and cakes on the table to feed them!

Help Barbie treat all the world's animals!

That is the basic routine you go through, but for each type of baby animal you will do it a bit differently, and each animal in part will have their own kind of injuries to treat, so we recommend going through all the locations, healing all the pets, and saving the day with Barbie, only here you can!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Treat leopards, pandas, and polar bears with Barbie in their home locations from around the globe!
  • Search for injured animals to improve your focus!
  • Take advantage of the equipped doctor's office with all the tools and medicine you need to heal the pets!

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