Doctor Games

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What are Doctor Games?

Play the best Doctor Games online for free, to control your patients in the clinic, regardless of whether we are talking about human hospitals or veterinarians' offices.

Choose your specialty and start treating patients.

Depending on the specialty you are pursuing, you can choose the game you want and try to cure your patient as quickly as possible. Even if we are talking about a cesarean operation on a pregnant princess or a simple vaccine that you have to give in your arm, you will have to be very careful about the lousy procedure that you have to follow.

And animals need help!

Another section of doctor games is the section with veterinarians, in which you will have to deal with the different animals in the office. Most of the time, you will meet dogs that come to the hospital in pain or wild animals that need your help healing their wounds.

If you want to know what it's like to be a dentist, we suggest a category specially created for this purpose. Here, you will only find games with dentists, where your main activity will be limited to the oral cavity. Most of the activities will be related to the fillings you will have to put on your patients, but many of them also need more complex work, such as descaling, pulp extraction, and dental implants.