Hospital Robber Emergency

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What is Hospital Robber Emergency?

Hospital Robber Emergency

Hospital Robber Emergency is going to be one of the best new doctor games online you get to play here! It also features elements from so many of our other awesome categories, which is precisely why we did not miss out on this opportunity we have to give you, and in the following part of the article, there will be more details on that!

Let's solve the Hospital Robber Emergency online!

Start off by helping the robber at the bank, where you have to solve a puzzle to open up the safe, after which he trips, falls, and gets injured, so you play a mini-game of skill where you have to catch the 9 1 1 numbers to call the hospital and bring him there.

When that is done, the emergency surgery begins, where you have to follow the on-screen instructions to do all the operations with the doctors and bring him back to health, so that the end you give him a new life, but also a new gear, as you get to dress up the said robber.

Now that you've understood it for sure, begin right away, waste no time, and stick around for many other great games still to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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