Hospital Dracula Emergency

Hospital Dracula Emergency

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Hospital Dracula Emergency
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Hospital Dracula Emergency Overview


Hospital Dracula Emergency is a game that shows us that even if vampires live forever, they are still prone to injuries, since they can be hit, shot, their limbs cut off, and more, as they are not invincible, only immortal. Well, the most popular vampire ever, Dracula, was flying as a bat, but he forgot it was sunrise time, so when the sun came, he got burnt, injured, and dropped down into the forest, where he then reverted to his human-like form.

Still, that did not save him, as he is injured, which is why you are calling 911 for starters, and then getting his heartbeat fixed by pumping oxygen into his lungs with the special device. Tap until you fill-up the progress bar, and after the ambulance comes and takes him to the hospital, the real treatment begins!

Let's fix the Hospital Dracula Emergency online!

Clean him up by taking all the leaves and sticks stuck in his skin and throwing them into the trash, and do the same for his dirty clothes, because only when he has taken them off can you start giving him a shower with water and soap. Dry him up, use the pliers to take out the wood that is still in him, and then give him a hospital robe to wear while doing further inspections.

Disinfect his injuries and put some special oil over them, and with lotion, you will heal his sunburnt skin. Next up, he has an interior wound that has swollen up, so apply ice and creams, and then cut open the skin, and put his bones back into place by clicking at the right time when the pointer reaches the green zone.

Use metal and screws to bind the broken bones well, and then cauterize the wound with a laser. After you've given the vampire some juice, he will be back in full health, meaning that you get to dress him back in some cool vampire clothes, mixing the tops, and bottoms, picking a hairstyle, and hats, and even choosing a new coffin to sleep inside of.

Medics should help even vampires, so do that right now, and maybe you will become a real-life doctor one day!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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