Hospital Werewolf Emergency

Hospital Werewolf Emergency

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Hospital Werewolf Emergency
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Hospital Werewolf Emergency Overview


Hospital Werewolf Emergency is a game where a man who is out in the forest gets bit by a wolf and when the moon comes up, he turns into a werewolf, a beast of the night, so he has to be restrained, and he now needs to be taken to the hospital and healed, cleaned, and turned back into a human, something you will do in this amazing new doctor game like only here you can find and enjoy!

Let's solve the Hospital Werewolf Emergency!

Start off by calling 911, and while you are at it, give the wolf an injection to put him to sleep, restrain his mouth so he cannot bite you, and then take off all the wood and the metals that are holding him down, so that he can be transported. Only then he reaches the hospital, where he is now calm, and ready to be healed.

You will then continue in the following stage by shaving his fur that has now grown all over his body, and to make him less threatening, you have to cut up his nails and claws, his teeth to not bite humans, and do other clean-up and washing activities as he is dirty.

For the doctor stage, you also heal all the wounds that he has on his body. For all these, just follow on-screen instructions and click where and how you are shown to properly use all your tools and medicine.

When it comes to the final part of the game, get him back to society by dressing him up nice in human clothing, and we're sure he will be welcomed back with open arms!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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