Hospital Alien Emergency

Hospital Alien Emergency

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Hospital Alien Emergency
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Hospital Alien Emergency Overview


Welcome to Hospital Alien Emergency, where an alien has crashlanded on Earth, and despite him being a stranger to our planet, we have to be good people and help him out, so through this doctor game you are going to help him and our planet, all at the same time, for everyone to be happy, and looking good, more about which we will tell you right now, worry not!

Let's resolve the Hospital Alien Emergency!

After the alien dropped on Earth, he fell into the water, so you will call 911, and while the ambulance arrives, you will administer CPR by clicking at the right time to make the correct motions, when he comes back to reality, you will also clear up the water he fell in of trash, moving the boat with the arrows, and using space to drop the hook and pick up garbage.

After the alien arrives at our human hospital, you will use the knowledge and tools, following the on-screen instructions to heal the alien. Just click and swipe just like shown, and when the treatment is over, you can dress up the alien in human clothes, picking out a style that will help him integrate with our society!

It's all that fun and simple, so feel free and confident to start now, and then check out more daily games we're going to be bringing you!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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