Hospital Police Emergency

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What is Hospital Police Emergency?

Hospital Police Emergency

What is Hospital Police Emergency about? Well, a police officer who was on a mission got hurt, which is why he was transported to the hospital as quickly as possible, where you will now play the role of doctor and treat him well so he can go back into the field, but also become his stylist and dress him up, in a double feature you are guaranteed to enjoy start to finish, just like we did!

Let's play doctor online to solve the Hospital Police Emergency!

After fighting the thief in the first stage, go to the doctor, where the office will be cleaned up, his injuries healed, and he will have surgeries made on him if necessary, and make sure that you go through all these processes by following the on-screen instructions, clicking precisely where you are shown.

Just do as shown, as all the tools you might need will be easily given to you, worry not. In the dress-up stage, give him a new costume, and try to accessorize it in a unique way, so that he feels more confident in himself after he goes out on the field to catch even more bad guys.

Don't waste any time, let the fun begin right at this moment, and when done, stick around to see what other amazing games we've got in store for you here today!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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