Veterinary Clinic - Animal Rescue

Veterinary Clinic - Animal Rescue

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Veterinary Clinic - Animal Rescue
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Veterinary Clinic - Animal Rescue Overview


In Veterinary Clinic - Animal Rescue online you are now going to play the role of animal doctor, as it has been clearly showcased, where you will now do it in a hypercasual setting, making this game also a management one at the same time, since the success of the treatments and the business are all up to you!

Perform Animal Rescue at your own Veterinary Clinic online!

Use the mouse or the touch controls to move your doctor around the facility, where you need to take in the injured or sick animals and take them from one station to another, just like shown, performing the procedures and operations needed to heal them, earning money in return.

With the money, you should buy new equipment and upgrade it, expand the clinic, and hire new workers, so that you get a steady and big flow of patients, and have lots of fun. As always, begin right now, only here, and maybe stick around for the other great new games of the day!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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