Glenn Martin Dental Adventure

Glenn Martin Dental Adventure

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Glenn Martin Dental Adventure
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Glenn Martin Dental Adventure Overview


In this game, you will be Glenn Martin's dentist, who travels around the country to care for people's teeth. It will test your skill and agility. You will need these qualities because only you will accomplish your objective successfully: fix all teeth.

Every client will have other things to do to their teeth so that they can have beautiful teeth. You will have some time to fulfill your duties as a dentist. Although it seems an easy task, not rushing to judge the game is challenging, and as you progress, you will face higher levels of obstacles that will give you big headaches.

The game was published on Glenn Martin.DDS is a website that supports proper tooth brushing and teaches us how to use dental floss, toothbrush, and toothpaste. The game was promoted by Nick @ Nite (a Nickelodeon dentist game) and has two versions, one accessible for children and one heavy for the advanced ones, which is why you can try any of these versions. Right at the beginning of the game, we will have to read this short tutorial that will help us get over this dental adventure.

Glenn's adventure begins in a dental clinic.

  • First, you will need to know how to use all the tools you have learned in the dentists' school. The round mirror with a handle that will help you see all the problems in the patient's mouth, cavities, and yellow stains on the teeth. The next object you will need to know to use is an X-ray, along with which you can make a film with X-rays that will penetrate the bones and muscle tissues to identify even more significant problems.
  • One of the critical elements of this game is the saliva aspirator. You will have to use it constantly because the mouth of the patient sitting on your chair will always be wet, and if you have too much saliva in the patient's mouth, the game will end fast. Pain Meter is a tool you should always consider whether a child or an adult is in your dentist's chair. When the fear indicator is high, the whole screen will turn red, and you must take the following actions to calm the patient's pain and fear as quickly as possible.
  • To reduce the patient's fear and pain, you will have to use shaving gas and soothing that will make the patient forget about the uncomfortable sensation he thinks in you and the office. To decide which of the anesthetic medicines to administer, you will have to check his card with personal information and then start administering more and more painkillers until he regains.
  • You will need the red and green light bulbs to administer the proper anesthetics. When you correctly dose the anesthetic medicine, the green light will light up. If you have not chosen the right drug, the dose is too high / too low, or you use the wrong instrument, it will light the red light. The radio will also help you calm down your patients. When you have to do an extraction or a lead, check the patient's card to find out what kind of music they are listening to. Try to find the appropriate radio station to do the job. as good as possible.

In Glenn Martin Season 2, the whole family of dentists travels more by van than it does with patients. You will have to learn more about how to drive a car, dance, throw, and other mouse-gesture-based minigames. Still, you have to be aware that you have to drive carefully. Avoid all the obstacles. If you finish the mission with extra time, you will notice that time will turn into bonus points every time you reach the checkpoint.

Throwing / Aiming: In these mini-games, the player will have to shoot a target that appears in mini-games on the screen in a short time. Make Conor Dance: Follow the box at the bottom of the screen. When the arrows pass through the box, you must simultaneously press those arrows on the computer keyboard to make Glenn dance. Mouse Gestures: All the gestures you will see in the respective games will be the same for all actions, regardless of whether the action differs.

Racing: In the game, you will have to learn to drive a car with the highest speed to participate in car races and win. Press the space bar as soon as the target spot is highlighted on the course. The character will walk forward to the spot, and you will get a new target spot to follow.

How to play?

Use the mouse to become the best dentist in town!

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