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Dentist Barbie

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Dentist Barbie
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Dentist Barbie Overview


Dentist Barbie, a game otherwise known as Sugar Bug Blast, is one of the best doctor games for girls you can play here, especially since many girls dream about becoming dentists in their real lives, something that this blonde doll wants to prove is possible, and she wants to give you some useful tips about it before you start school, so you will role-play as this job with her in this game, helping all her patients get their amazing and shining smile back!

Help Dentist Barbie put smiles on people's faces!

The game helps you to learn how to use various dentist tools, divided into two categories!

1. First, there are the normal tools:

  • clean little sugar bugs with the toothbrush
  • use the scrubber for the medium ones
  • big sugar bugs are dealt with using the polisher

2. Secondly, we've got special tools used when the sugar stains and different teeth problems are bigger:

  • use mouthwash to make the bugs grow slower
  • with the sparkle shield, you can keep your teeth clean forever
  • clean all the teeth at once with the water jet
Learn how to use the tools to clean the teeth with dentist Barbie!

You see the patient's mouth and teeth, and you need to identify the type of sugar bug, and then drag the right tool over it until you have removed it from the teeth. You get points in return, so try getting a big score, but remember not to mess up the cleaning process, since that deals you a strike, and if you get three strikes, you lose and get fired as a dentist, which no one should want happening, right?

Start this amazing experience right now, and check out what other things you can treat with Barbie as a doctor, as she is in many of our other games with Barbie!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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