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Barbie Comic Maker

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Barbie Comic Maker
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Barbie Comic Maker Overview


Barbie is even in comics these days, and you can now make your own! Draw, paint, and arrange a comic book story with Super Barbie! She is the superhero Barbie that girls from all around the world were waiting for! Let's have an interesting adventure with her, start to finish!

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If you want to take a mission, you've got plenty to choose from:

  1. The Power of Teamwork
  2. The Power of Your Voice
  3. The Power of Not Giving Up
  4. The Power of a Good Heart
  5. The Power of Friendship
  6. The Power of Making a Difference
  7. The Power of Accepting Others
  8. The Power of Learning
  9. The Power of Super Talents
  10. The Power of Helping

In this scenario, the first part of each story is already made, and you get to see it in a video. At the cliffhanger, you continue the story by making a comic. Try to make it so that it has sense, and it finishes with a happy ending! If you want to make a comic from scratch, go straight into the comic creator, and begin and end however your imagination wants you to.

In both instances, it is easy. You can drag into the panel backgrounds, like skylines, cities, forests, and other locations. Put Barbie, in her various super costumes, wherever you want. You can make her attack, defend, and use magic or superpowers.

Add other characters, like villains, but also friends. Don't forget to make things interesting with lightning bolts, Pow marks, and dialogue boxes, just like a real comic. Make the story colorful and interesting! Have you got an idea? Make it happen right now!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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