Kogama: Coronavirus In the City

Kogama: Coronavirus In the City

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Kogama: Coronavirus In the City
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Kogama: Coronavirus In the City Overview


Kogama: Coronavirus In the City is a game we would not usually share with you all, since we don't want to remind you of the disease, but since this game had been so fun to play by our administrative team, we are sure that you will also give it a chance, and are not going to be regretful in the least!

Stop the Coronavirus In the City of Kogama!

You start off your shift in the hospital, where you can walk around and see the various departments, and facilities, and meet with other doctors and nurses, both bots created by the game, as well as other players from the game.

Then, step into the world, pick up an ambulance, and drive around with it through the city to save the people that have gotten infected, using all the tools at your disposal in the vehicle.

Move or drive with WASD/ARROWS, jump with the spacebar, look around with the mouse, and interact with E, and K to respawn, in case the virus defeats you and you need to start again from scratch.

Surely you've now understood the gist of this brilliant new game, so give it a chance right away, after which we hope to see what other great content of ours you will try!

How to play?

Use the WASD/ARROW keys, use the spacebar, mouse, E, and K keys.



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