Kogama: Mommy Long Legs Parkour

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What is Kogama: Mommy Long Legs Parkour?

Kogama: Mommy Long Legs Parkour

In the Kogama Games category we now wish to share with you yet another game based on a popular meme that became such from the popular Poppy Playtime Game, where you can now use this horror character in pink to run, jump, and have adventures, something we will teach you about right now and here!

Do some Mommy Long Legs Parkour in Kogama!

Use WASD to move and space to jump, as you make sure to jump over the toxic environment because if you hit those spots on the map, you lose and die, but if you keep jumping from one safe spot to another, reach the flags at the end of each course, and advance even further up.

The courses only get more difficult as you advance through this world, but also more fun, and we hope you keep doing great and become a top-ranking player in this world. Let's begin right now, only here, and we hope to be seeing you for even more great games as only here you get to find!

How to play?

Use WASD and space.

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