Kogama: Garfield Show Parkour

Kogama: Garfield Show Parkour

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Kogama: Garfield Show Parkour
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Kogama: Garfield Show Parkour Overview


Kogama Parkour Games online in 3D are really popular all over the internet, but so is the grumpy cat known as Garfield, who has his own show, which is why right now we are mixing these things together for an awesome experience top to bottom, as you get a world modeled after this show where you get to run and jump, and have fun, obviously!

Let's do Parkour in Kogama with the Garfield Show!

There are three teams you can choose to belong to:

  1. Green
  2. Blue
  3. Yellow

The teams are for ranking, as the gameplay remains the same in either case. No matter how the world is made after each checkpoint, as you need to go from flag to flag, you need to avoid toxic environments such as lava, green goo, or others, and only jump from platform to platform, or tiles, or other spots that are safe.

Move with WASD and press the spacebar when you want to jump. If the environment kills you instead, you need to restart from the beginning, of course. Good luck, enjoy, and we hope you aren't stopping here for a second, since we've prepared even more amazing games for you all, all day long!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys and the spacebar.



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