Kogama: TikTok Parkour

Kogama: TikTok Parkour

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Kogama: TikTok Parkour
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Kogama: TikTok Parkour Overview


Can you imagine doing TikTok Parkour online? Well, you no longer need to, as you can do it right now and here, without having to think about it, in one of the best new such running and jumping games online that the Kogama Games category has had in a while, which we highly recommend, and about which we will tell you more right now, so you can start playing it too, right away!

Let's do TikTok Parkour in Kogama!

You simply have to reach one flag after another, each of them marking a checkpoint, and the courses between them are inspired by internet clips that you might have seen on the social media platform. Make sure to jump over the toxic environment, because if you touch it too many times, you lose and have to start again from scratch, because you die.

If you find health packs, make sure to grab them, and use them to recharge. Each new flag you reach will feature more toxicity and dangers along the way for you to reach it, so make sure you also become better at avoiding it.

We're sure you understood everything, so be ready to start right now, and don't stop here for a second, since we've got more great games, always!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, spacebar.

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