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Popstar Surgeon

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Popstar Surgeon
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Become a Popstar Surgeon! In this doctor game online from Game Shakers games, you won't sing and dance while treating patients. Instead, your patients are singers, and they need help. They're having medical problems, right before the tour. They know they can trust you to heal them in time, no?

Become the top Popstar Surgeon online!

The first operation you will do will be on the liver. Use the market to trace a line around the dotted one. That is where you have to make the cut, so use the laser to cut along the line you've just traced. If you do it correctly, take the piece of skin out with the clipper. There, you can see the sad and injured liver.

What will heal them? A simple bandage? No! Is a boombox with music coming out of it? Apparently, not that either! Instead, it needs that cool pair of shades. Put the sunglasses on it and it will start working fine right away. Now, put the skin back, and patch it up using the bandages.

Learn all the different medical surgeries online!

After this first patient, you will be able to treat way more of them. They will come with different problems, such as kidneys, the heart, the ears, the nose, and definitely the throat, since they're singers. Follow the on-screen instructions and use all the medical tools just like described. If you follow the rules, you will be a true doctor!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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