Amateur Surgeon

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What is Amateur Surgeon?

Amateur Surgeon

In real life, don't entrust your life to an Amateur Surgeon, but online, we now invite you to become one in a classic friv game of old that we highly recommend, where a pizza delivery guy has hit a random hobo on the streets, and will now try to patch him up with his various tools in what could be a success or a botched job, depending all on you!

Become a Amateur Surgeon online!

With the mouse, you grab the medical or non-medical tools on the top side of the screen and use them to cut, patch things up, fix, repair, combine, extract, or add items, doing various medical procedures to try and heal the victim as well as possible before the time granted for you to do that in each level runs out on you, or else the level is lost, and so is the patient.

Don't worry, at the core of this game, it is all about fun and funny, as it is inspired by Adult Swim, and we're sure that you will enjoy it plenty, just like we've done because otherwise, we would not have shared it with you in the first place!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.