Mommy Accident ER

Mommy Accident ER

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Mommy Accident ER
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Mommy Accident ER Overview


Mommy Accident ER is the latest doctor game for girls we're happy to give you the chance to play here, where this beautiful mother got into an accident, and was rushed to the hospital to the Emergency Room, where she is lucky that you are going to be the main doctor working, who will help her get back to good health in no time at all, and survive this car crash with no further injuries that can affect her life!

Give first-aid for the accident to Mommy in the ER!

To do it, you will use a pump to check her breathing, and because it is not that good, you will give her an oxygen mask to stay on through the whole process, and then use the bag of vitamins to administer them into her veins with a needle, as she needs to get back fluids that she lost during the accident.

You will also clean her up with the towel, because she is quite dirty, and then go and treat the injury in her foot, where you will remove the bacteria with the laser, tie up the cut skin using strings to patch it back up, and then apply a bandage to help the treatment and to stop the wound from infecting.

Give mommy the vaccine shot to help her heal!

After taking out the oxygen mask, since the worst part is done with, listen to her beating heart with the stethoscope, and then prepare the shot by giving her a pill to drink with water. Put rubbing alcohol on her arm, give the vaccine with the syringe, wipe the blood away with a cotton ball, and put on a bandage over the area.

With that, the full treatment that Mommy needed after her accident has been made, so she will be ready to go out of the hospital and meet with her husband and kids, who will forever be grateful to you for treating their loved one! Be proud!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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