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What are Cinderella Games?

Disney stories like Cinderella are still very popular in 2020 when we are posting a lot of beautiful games for girls with the cute Disney princess right inside the Cinderella games category. All of the games here on our website are free to play and all you need in 2020 is an internet connection, and you can try out the cute makeover, dress up, hairstyle, and even adventures with our story character on your phones, tablets, and computers.

The cute princess is going to have a great time with you guys, and we are sure that you will manage to help the girls from our website to make a new friend in Cinderella. For the girls that do not know the Disney story from TV or the movies, we are going to bring the entire story in the following rows of words.

How it all started

The main character from this story is a poor, hard-working girl that was raised just by her dad, after her mom died when she was little, until one day when his dad met a woman and started to move in with her, and eventually, they got married, and she became Cinderella's stepmom. She was happy at first because she was nice, and she got to have two step-sisters so she will not be alone with just her dad anymore, but that story like the life of the princess to be wasn't like that for a long time, because her stepmother started to be rude and evil with her, and she was just taking care of her own two daughters, and treating her more like a maid than a daughter.

The main character of the story tried to talk with her dad about the new situation in the house, but he was blinded by love, and because he was gone for most of the day, he did not see with his eyes how his new wife treats his daughter. Cinderella's nightmare is about to be darker because she remained all by herself with her stepmom and stepsisters after her dad died in an accident while at work, and they were her only family left.

Day by day, Cinderella started to look more like a maid in her dad's house, because her new mom stopped buying her new clothes, unlike for her stepsisters which always were dressed fresh, had new dresses, shiny shoes and necklaces to wear, while Cinderella was dressed just in raggedy clothes, a bonnet and an apron which was helping her to keep even the old thorn clothes as clean as possible throughout the day, while she was working through the house.

She was cleaning day after day, the entire house, she was cooking all the meals and serve them to her new mom and sisters, she was cleaning the dishes after dinner, and preparing the new meals for the next day. Cinderella got used to her new lifestyle and tried her best to keep her stepmom happy so that she would not pick on her as much, but without any success. She and her stepsisters will continue to make Cinderella's life hell, and the princess is just trying to cope and stay happy for as much as possible.

The girl from this Disney story does not have many friends, which can be seen easily, because she is not allowed to go outside her house, so you have to make sure that as fast as possible, you will manage to see that she has a special ability, and her best friend is a little mouse that lives in her house walls, with whom Cinderella has all kinds of talks about life and the little mouse is trying to keep her as happy as possible.

For you girls to recognize the Disney princess much easier, we are going to tell you a portrait of the character so that you know who you should look for in this new games category. The princess is a very beautiful girl with golden blonde hair that it's curly at the end, but she is mostly wearing a white bonnet on her head, she has an old blue dress that is a little worn at the end and a white apron.

From poor to princess

In one of the princess' talks with her mouse friend, she summoned her pixie fairy godmother, which promised that she is going to help Cinderella change her life, and she did exactly that. The king's son is old enough to get married, and any girl from the kingdom would love to be his bride because the prince is very cute and handsome, but he does not have a girlfriend, and so, his dad, the king started to gather girls from the entire kingdom to meet with his son and see if he fells in love. There is going to be a ball at the palace, and all the girls from the kingdom are invited, but Cinderella has a lot of work to do, and her sisters and mom are forbidding her to go so that the twins have a better chance to win the prince's heart.

The fairy godmother see this carnival party as an opportunity to make Cinderella happy, so she threw a spell, and the princess to be finished her work very fast with the help of all the animals around the house, mouse, cats, little birds, dogs and even a few flees helped out for her to finish her chores, and attend the prince's party at the palace. Cinderella got a magic makeover from the fairy godmother, and you can see that her raggedy clothes were changed with a beautiful blue dress, glass slippers, a tiara, and a beautiful pearl necklace with pearl earrings that match, which will make Cinderella one of the most beautiful girls and pretenders that went to the ball to meet with the prince.

There's a problem in the entire plan of the fairy godmother, because the spell that she cast on Cinderella wears off at midnight, so she has to run fast to the ball, impress the prince and come back home by then, so that he does not see her true form and see that she is poor and worked hard by her mom and sisters. She has a horse carriage transformed from pumpkins and mice that will turn back at midnight.

Cinderella went to the ball looking beautiful, and she got the attention of everyone, is the most beautiful girl in the room, and that did not go unnoticed for the prince, as he started dancing with her future bride-to-be. Because the makeover was done so good by the fairy godmother, the stepmom and the stepsisters did not recognize her as who she was, and they were mad to envie when they saw how good the prince and she were getting along and how long they danced during the night, but that's going to be finished fast, because midnight is getting closer, and when she realized that she only got a few minutes until midnight Cinderella ran away from the castle so that the spell will not go away too fast.

While running away, Cinderella lost one of her glass shoes on the stairs, and that's the only link that the prince has with the beautiful mysterious girl that nobody knew at the party. In a sign of pure love, the prince started to look for Cinderella in the entire kingdom, and now every girl knows that the prince is going to every girl's house and make the girls wear the glass shoe and see if it fits, and see if he can find his love again.

Beautiful love story ending

The prince never stopped loving Cinderella since the night of the ball, and because nobody knew who was the beautiful girl that lost a glass shoe, he started looking for the girl that feet matches perfectly inside the glass shoe, which is obviously Cinderella. The prince started to go through the entire kingdom, but the future princess did not know about his plans, is not allowed to leave the house, but she overheard her stepsisters and stepmom talking about it, and one day, they started to turn the house around in order to get ready for the prince's arrival.

Cinderella's stepmom figured out that the beautiful girl that was at the party at the palace was her stepdaughter, so when the prince was about to get to their house, she sent her to her room up in the tower, where nobody knew that someone lived so that the prince will not make her try out the shoe, and that one of her daughter's feet will be perfect for the glass shoe, which is not the case because they have big feet and they couldn't even get their touse in the glass shoe.

The prince and Cinderella finally got in front of each other after an entire adventure when the main character escaped from her tower and run in the street to follow the prince, and she got to try out the shoe which fit perfectly, and everybody in the village saw that she was the true love of the prince. Since that day, Cinderella moved to the palace, and her stepmom and step-sister remained in the house that nobody was looking over, and so it's started to degrade and break all over.

This is the entire story of the Disney princess Cinderella, and she is going to bring here on our website a lot of beautiful games for girls that you can play with all of your friends, and in which you can follow through the entire story that we just told you. The Disney princess will have prepared already much dress up and makeup challenges for you girls to play with all of your friends, and we are sure that you will find at least one game that will be your favorite inside this new games category. Have fun!