Cinderella Laundry Day

Cinderella Laundry Day

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Cinderella Laundry Day
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Cinderella Laundry Day Overview


Cinderella is really good at Laundry Day! That's because her evil step-sisters always had her do it. Don't you want to play this laundry game, and help her out? It's a lot of work, but when playing this game, it becomes fun! Even more so because you're doing it with a princess from Disney, no?

Help Cinderella on Laundry Day!

Finding the laundry is the first step. Dresses are all over the room, so find them all by clicking on objects. Furniture, closets, chairs, cupboards, and drapes, are all clickable. Place the colored dresses in one basket, and place the white dresses in the second basket.

Sorting laundry is key to washing clothes. If the white clothes get washed with the colored ones, they stain. We don't want that, right?

Wash the beautiful dresses!

Open the washing machine, put in the white dresses, and then add the white detergent. Repeat the same process for the colored clothing, using that detergent. The machine does all the washing, and then you put them back in baskets.

Don't leave us hanging, only the clothes!

Drag all the dresses on the hangers to leave them to dry. Dry them off thanks to the heat and sun. Put them on the table and fold them. Then, set them apart. Now, if they have wrinkles, use the roll on them. Get them neatly folded, and they're ready to be worn.

Cindy's going to the ball, and she will look clean and beautiful!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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