Disney Princess Charm College

Disney Princess Charm College

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Disney Princess Charm College
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Disney Princess Charm College Overview


In Disney Princess Charm College, you can dress up Disney Princesses! These games for girls are always beloved, especially when they've got Aurora, Cinderella, Belle, and Snow White. Well, guess what, this one has all of them together! They all go to the same school, the charm school, where you will now help them become charming!

Dress up the Disney Princess for Charm College!

All four princesses are in front of you. To change between one and the other, simply click on them. On the left, you've got the menu of their wardrobe, and on the right the actual wardrobe from where you dress them up.

Pick one of the many hairstyles, and for outfits, you've got dresses, but also combinations of tops and bottoms, maybe even with a jacket thrown in. What are the shoes that go best with it? Try them all until you find them!

To accessorize the princesses you've got bags, purses, and cute necklaces. Jewelry is a girl's best friend! You can even change the background of the girls, moving them from one class to another.

It's as simple as that, so start right now, and after playing, you will see that your charm will also become greater!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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