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What are Beauty and the Beast Games?

Step into the magical world of Beauty and the Beast Games online for children, a series of gaming experiences based around the classic fairytale first created by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve in 1740, and yes, you read that right, that is how old this story is, and later on adapted into one of the biggest animated movies in the whole of history by Disney, who released this animated movie adaptation in 1991, with a live-action adaptation also has been released in 2017.

Belle and the Beast: an unlikely love story!

The Beast used to be a selfish and arrogant prince who refused to provide shelter to a homeless woman during a storm, which then revealed herself as a witch that cursed him to become a creature, and transformed all of the servants in his house into talking objects that come to life. His curse can only be lifted if he is to love another person and learn to be loved himself by the time he is 21, or else it turns permanent.

Belle is a girl who loves nothing more than reading, and her father Maurice is an inventor who got kidnapped by the Beast for trespassing into his territory, so Belle offers herself to replace him in order to free her father. After spending time with the Beast and having challenges to surpass together, such as facing off against the nefarious Gaston, the two fall in love for real, and this reverses the curse, with the movie ending with a ball thrown by Belle and the Prince, the former Beast.

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This category here is filled mostly with Belle Games online, games where you dress her up, do her makeup, manicure, go to the spa, cut her hair, cook together, maybe even nurse her at the hospital, if she gets injured, and many more activities, since she belongs to the beloved series of Disney Princesses Games, meaning that in many of the stories where she is joined by other beloved characters by the same franchise, and it's fun to play with her in each situation.

She might get transported to modern days for you to give her a makeover, she might need help with her teeth, so become her dentist, and much more fun activities like these await you right now, so start playing our online games with Belle and see for yourself how tremendous they really are!