Hot vs Cold Weather Social Media Adventure

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Hot vs Cold Weather Social Media Adventure
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What is Hot vs Cold Weather Social Media Adventure?

Hot vs Cold Weather Social Media Adventure
A very interesting princess game is appearing today here on our website, and it's called Hot vs Cold Weather Social Media Adventure, and you can see that if you are a fan, that this is going to be the 3rd Social Media Adventure generation game, because we have prepared two other games in which you can meet with Elsa or Belle.

Today dear children, you can see that in this new dress up, hairstyle, make up and fashion game, the main characters are going to be two famous Disney princesses here on our website. Elsa from Frozen and Belle from Beauty and the Beast are bringing for you this new Social Media Adventure challenge, in which they will have to prepare two different outfits for hot or cold weather, but that's not going to be easy at all, because they will want to post their outfits on social media, where they do not want to get any hate from the fashion designers or fashion critiques, so you have to do a really good job.

Both Disney princesses are going to need your help to create these kind of amazing outfits, so you have to mold for each of their styles and be sure that in the shortest time, the hot weather outfits and the cold weather outfits will be ready for Elsa and Belle. Because it's a social media game, you can see that the two Disney princesses will have different filter themed outfits that they want to wear, so you have to be very creative and see how in the shortest time, you will be able to have a great time while you find clothes, make up and even haircuts for each princess.

Elsa from Frozen is going to be the first character that will want to start having their makeover finished, and you can see that she is very happy and anxious to start, so you have to make sure that you do a great job. You and the Frozen princess will have to start by changing her hairstyle, so you have to be creative and wild, because Elsa wants to be excentric, so you can die her hair in different colors and make sure that you can change her hairstyle. Once the hair is finished and Elsa is happy, you can start with her make up and see which type of colors you can use so that her make up is unique. You already know that Elsa's favorite color is white and blue, so you can choose fashion items which have a little blue and white in them, and Elsa will love them nevertheless.

Belle is always very happy to see that you are about to start helping her look amazing on social media, so you have to be very creative and see which new hairstyle and hair colors will suit her better. Make sure that Belle's clothes are going to look very interesting and match Elsa's excentricity, and we are sure that both Disney princesses are going to have a great time and that they will return with many other fashion games and makeover challenges that you can after post on social media. Have fun!


How to play?

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